About us


The Innopro-Serv Magyarország Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság – henceforth IPSM – is a Hungary-based family business. Our company started off in 2013, with developing and trading industrial plants, unique appliances and manufacturing solutions. Due to our participation in innovative and research & development projects, and the relationships we formed, IPSM has grown out to be a business mentoring innovations, developing prototypes, product-image and production technology.

We mainly deal with seeking, developing and selling intellectual property (such as inventions, goods partaking of industrial property rights including patents and industrial designs, trade-marks; things partaking of copyright, software products, other intellectual properties, etc. – innovations, technological, economic, intellectual services – goods that do not partake of industrial property rights but are monopolized by secrecy, including the know-how and the manufacturing process). We collect, filtrate and manage the marketable research & development ideas and inventions in Hungary, Central Europe, and the Balkans. We prepare them for international marketing, develop the strategy necessary for their growth, estimate their capital requirements and determine their market value. IPSM constantly searches for new inventions in every professional field, mainly in the field of ecology, nanotechnology, toxicology, life science, engineering and IT.

IPSM developed its project management routine from a considerable amount of its own resources, with the guidance of Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala, TÜV Rheinland InterCert Magyarország, and Riglersystem Európa Kft.

IPSM has close relations with the Hungarian and the neighboring countries’ University research institutes, innovative businesses, and a great amount of individual inventors. IPSM establishes startups, joint ventures, and it has, and still searches for sales partners on every significant market.

Our main activity is

  • Development of new industrial technologies
  • Prototype productions
  • Plastic and recycling machines salesmanship
  • Special purpose machines
  • Water well drilling systems and accessories
  • Technology transfer
  • Machines and technology line service


Our calling towards the protection and respect for intellectual property has developed based on our business perception. The intellectual capital, as a concept used in economic sciences, is – according to us – the greatest element of the company’s assets.

A business’ intellectual capital consists of three elements: the market relations capital, the so-called structural capital and the human value capital.

The intellectual capital is not “invisible”. It includes everything that is left in the business even if the employees leave, including the technological processes, the organization structure, the information systems, the patents. It follows that the essence of the project is not the investment, the capital or the profit, but the idea itself.